Fact #1

Diehl Was Never the MA Trump Chair/Co-Chair

Journalist Jack Posobiec exposes the fact that Geoff Diehl was NEVER the Trump Chair/Co-Chair. There was only one Chairman for the MA Trump Campaign, and that was Attorney Vincent DeVito.

The Evidence

  • Not a single document exists from Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. (“Trump Campaign”) that Diehl was the Chairman of MA Trump Campaign.
  • Documents from the Trump Campaign and third-party testimonials do exist confirming attorney Vincent DeVito (“DeVito”) as the sole Chairman for MA Trump Campaign:
  • Organizational Chart of the MA Trump Campaign showing Vincent DeVito as the sole Chairman.

Letter from Donald Trump for President

The Timeline of Events

  • On or about the end of 2015, the Trump Campaign appointed DeVito to be the Chairman of the MA Trump Campaign. Patricia Hackmer (“Hackmer”) was asked to assist DeVito to launch MA Trump Campaign. DeVito and Hackmer were provided official email addresses from the Trump Campaign, vdevito@donaldtrump.comand phackmer@donaldtrump.com, respectively.
  • On or about the end of 2015, Hackmer recommended that Dean Cavaretta (“Cavaretta”) be appointed to direct the MA Trump Campaign office. Cavaretta’s official title was “State Director.”
  • Cavaretta opened the MA Trump Campaign office in Littleton, Massachusetts, for the Republican Presidential Primary.
  • On or about January 2016, Cavaretta appointed Bonnie Johnson (“Johnson”) as the Field Director.
  • Cavaretta and Johnson were provided official email addresses from the Trump Campaign.
  • Diehl was never provided an official email address from the Trump Campaign.
  • The day after the Republican Presidential Primary (on March 1, 2016), at which Trump was victorious, the Trump Campaign abruptly shut down the Littleton, MA office (though it was designated to be the office for the general election), and fired both Cavaretta and Johnson.
  • Johnson was issued a cease and desist letter from the Trump Campaign shortly after the office closing.
  • On or about August 18, 2016, DeVito opened a new MA Trump Campaign office for the general election in Hudson, MA. (Ref. “Trump Mass. HQ opens on Hudson’s Main Street”)